Helicopter Services

Helicopters afford our clients the convenience of taking off and landing where fixed wing cannot go.


Our list of services is endless with the flexibility a helicopter offers. For the past 9 years we have specialised in Air Ambulance Services into Africa, setting up mining bases for offshore oil and gas, as well as Aerial Filming of wildlife and conservation. We have partnered with only the best industry leaders when it comes to specialist equipment and state of the art filming devices for helicopters. Our partnership with Dubai Film over the past few years has meant being able to offer our filming clients technologically up to date cameras across the world. Our Shotover (F1 or K1) cameras are available worldwide with a specialised and experienced filming crew. Pic below filming in Chile

Air Ambulance Services

As added services to our local industry we are able to provide a comprehensive aerial crane service to telecommunication companies and mines, conservation and patrols along the coasts and private game reserves to combat poaching as well as scenic flights for special occasions.

AviationONE is proud to be involved in the conservation and patrol projects in Southern Africa supplying aircraft as well as ground logistics expertise to most efficiently get the job done in harsh environments.

Helicopter Services

Aerial Crane

Literally a flying crane in the sky, a helicopter is capable of carrying numerous underslung and heavy loads within a confined space or to remote and otherwise inaccessible locations.

In just a matter of hours we can carry out work which would otherwise involve the hiring of cranes, manpower, other plant or even sea going transport which would take days.

With a maximum lift of up to 4 tonne our helicopters can be used for fire fighting, lifting bags of gravel, laying concrete and the placing of air condition units and solar panels, just to mention a few applications.

Pilots and Groundcrew employed for underslung operations are specifically trained in this work.

Whether your project is in a remote location or urban environment, our precision lift capabilities will provide time and cost savings for any project while minimizing environmental impact.

aerial crane
AviationONE has over 32 years experience in the aviation industry and has therefore established very strong partnerships and alliances with many of industry leaders globally.


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