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VIP Charter

All of our charter aircraft comply with the latest regulatory requirements and offer the very best in onboard amenities and luxuries, reflecting our uncompromising commitment to safety and comfort.

Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management

AviationONE manages private and commercially registered fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft on behalf of their owners. With a buying power like ours you will be guaranteed the most cost effective turn key options on the market

Cargo Services

Cargo Services

Your air freight and cargo partner. Your same day air freight partner. 24-hour contact to track your precious parcel on its journey. Short notice and urgent freight for the automotive industry and online e-commerce market.
Aerial Survey

Helicopter Services

We also offer a modern rotary options allowing us to present our clients with a seamless solution when it comes to charter. Helicopters afford our clients the convenience of taking off and landing where fixed wing cannot go.


Powered by people, technology and process, we partner with you to optimize all aspects of your travel programme, while keeping a watchful eye on your travellers. We provide hands-on service to give your business travellers confidence and peace of mind throughout their journey.


Leased Aircraft
AviationONE is perfectly positioned to give you the best independent and objective cost analysis the market has to offer. We are familiar with all the fixed as well as variable costs owning your own aircraft entails. AviationONE is well aware that time is money. We seemlessly link small towns and airstrips not serviced by current airliners thereby allowing off the beaten track branch visits fast and efficiently.

AviationONE has positioned themselves to be able to accommodate the travel of guests to most lodges and has agreements with many lodges within South Africa but also beyond, to facilitate the travel of guests to exclusive lodges in the private, luxurious manner they are acustomed to.

AviationONE is an approved oil and gas operator. We are experienced and well positioned to undertake the full platform or off shore operation of helicopters and aircraft. Currently operating in Africa we can take are of all your aviation related oil and gas needs


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